Koroni is also called “The Lady of the South”. A lovely authentic village where fishing and farming dominate daily life. From the beginning of April tourists frm all over the world come to Koroni to enjoy the sun, sea and the rich history of Koroni.

Koroni is surrounded by the sea. Down in the Village you can enjoy Greek cuisine in one off the many taverns. Also during the night, the village is full of liveliness. Tourists crowd the many terraces on the boulevard. On the other side of the village you will find Zaga- and Memi-beach. Two lovely spotst connected by a 3 km. wide sandy beach. Both beaches offer you everything for a lazy day at the beach. Sunbathing or swimming in the warm water of the Ionic Sea are just a few of the many possibilities. The various taverns at the seaside offer you a healthy lunch or a cosy diner.

Without a visit to the old castle and the monastery, your visit to Koroni will not be complete. A unique piece of history is right at your feet and will tell you lot’s about Koroni’s history. The surrounding area of Koroni also has lots to offer. The city of Kalamata is within a 45 minute drive.
Please feel free to ask us about the possibilities during your stay at the Sofotel.

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