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Sofotel Koroni

The Koutsoukou Family
Manager : Panagiotιs Koutsoukos
PC 24004 Koroni, Messinia, Greece

Phone (Hotel): +30 27250 22320
Phone (house): +30 27250 22230
Fax : +30 27250 22020
Mobile: +30 6979696477 / 6976063901
E-mail :



Both the Sofotel and “Villa Sofia” are in a short distance from Kalamata airport (45 minutes by bus, car or taxi). The public transport in Greece is well organized and there is a regular connection to Koroni almost every hour. On request we can arrange your travel from both Kalamata and Athens Airport. Please ask us about the possibilities when you book your room.

Athens :
From Athens you can also travel by public transport. The costs are about 30 euros and the trip to Kalamata takes about four hours. You’ll need another hour to reach Koroni. It’s also possible to drive with a (rental) car from Athens to Koroni. Until Tripoli the highway is very comfortable. From Tripoli to Kalamata you will travel through the mountains and the last part of your journey goes along the coastal road from Kalamata to Koroni. The total trip will take about 4,5 hours.

Patras :
When you travel by car and use the ferry from Venice or Ancona you will complete your journey with a stunning ride from Patras to Kalamata. The area offers a lot of great views and your travel will be a pleasant one. After your travel on the main road from Patras to Kalamata you only need another 45 minutes to reach Koroni.

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